Ashoka U and PhotoWings Online Seminar: Participate for a chance to be featured in a live art exhibition at the Ashoka U Exchange

“You will never look at a photograph the same way again.”

In today’s world, we are surrounded by imagery: marketing advertisements, television, online resources, camera phone photos, and personal photo libraries. Some images move us to action. Others tell a story. And a few images can change the course of history.

What photographs move you? And why?

In the second installation of Ashoka U Online, the university division of Ashoka has teamed up with PhotoWings, an educational non-profit devoted to using the power of photography to influence the world, to offer an eight-week online seminar to build changemaking skills through photography.

Starting Tuesday, October 23rd, participants will build a substantial understanding of their own motivations and self-identity, while learning from experts, mentors and one another about the importance of perspective, context, communication, and trust as a foundation for creative and effective social change. 

PhotoWings Founder and President Suzie Katz shares her vision: “In this seminar we'll explore a myriad of thoughtful new ways to think about photographs, including deep-seeing and deep-listening techniques. We're all about the 'big idea' and dimension—ideas to think about, discuss with others, and carry as a tool in you toolbox for both life and work.”

The world of photography will serve as a medium through which participants will take a deep dive into their personal interests and aspirations. All participants will benefit from an incredible wide array of open PhotoWings educational resources, including their deep linking Resource Center, provocative interviews, and in-depth yet accessible features.

The seminar is free and completely open to the public. It is designed as a conversation-based experience to help participants develop personal connections and cross-disciplinary collaboration opportunities for student groups or community organizations.  

The goal of the seminar is to help participants gain valuable skills to use in work and in life. Skills include out-of-the-box research, communication techniques, gaining trust and access, visual literacy, critical thinking, applied empathy, resilience, ethical considerations, preservation, and other critical changemaker aptitudes.

As a final project, participants will develop a powerful and creative project to demonstrate their explorative journey as a changemaker. Exceptional final projects will be eligible for inclusion in a video that will be featured at the TEDxAshokaU on Friday, February 22, to 1,300 people in San Diego, CA at the historic Balboa Theater (with thousands viewing online) and/or form part of an artistic exhibit that will be displayed at the Ashoka U Exchange at the University of San Diego.

Ashoka U and PhotoWings invite eager participants to sign up for the seminar—either as an individual or as a group—by October 19, 2012. Join in PhotoWing’s mission to help photography be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved.