2012 Globalizer: Rural Innovation and Farming

Geneva and Nairobi

Building off four successful Globalizer summits over the past three years, the Globalizer initiative now turns its focus towards scaling up the solutions to problems largely affecting rural areas. With support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ashoka supports over 90 social entrepreneurs in this field in Sub-Saharan Africa and India who will ultimately revolutionize agriculture and rural development. Through a rigorous internal selection process, the Ashoka Globalizer will identify those entrepreneurs within this cohort whose ideas have great potential for large-scale change. These entrepreneurs are then challenged to adapt their strategies for accelerated national or international spread, and connected with the strategic resources to enable them to do so.

Thus, a select group of leading entrepreneurs from the private and social sectors will support each participating Ashoka Fellow– sharing their insights into proven strategies for rapid growth, and crystallizing the key needs and challenges associated with each Fellow’s plan, helping her or him to co-create the best solutions. The group will also collaboratively identify new approaches to scaling that are ripe for the whole social sector, thus creating new knowledge and tools for the field.




List of participating fellows Geneva:



List of participating fellows Nairobi: