2011 Vienna Summit

At the Vienna Globalizer Summit 2011, 15 selected Ashoka Fellows from around the world came together with another 15 global social and business entrepreneurs to explore the future of scaling social innovation. Prior to the Summit, the Globalizer team connected these Fellows with Ashoka Support Network members and McKinsey consultants, forming teams to develop solid strategies to scale the Fellows’ social innovations globally.

At the Summit itself, over three days, the global entrepreneurs and leaders of their fields worked intensely to refine and reinforce these strategies, bringing their own experience and contacts to bear. They also discussed and refined broader insights in order to help the global community of social entrepreneurs deal more effectively with the challenge of scale.

The Globalizer Summit is not a conference nor is it a traditional “event,” but an intimate gathering of world-class entrepreneurs doing what entrepreneurs love to do most: apply their talent and skills to solve intractable problems. Participants left the Vienna Globalizer Summit energized, inspired and provoked to act beyond the confines of their own organizations to ensure that their solutions have the potential to affect everyone.

List of participating fellows below: