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Radek Hábl

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2018

Czech Republic
Radek Hábl is developing an evidence-based, holistic and systemic approach to transform the current unfair ecosystem of debt, spur close cooperation among key actors and bring a million of over-indebted and excluded Czech citizens back to society. Weiterlesen

Daniela Ancira

Ashoka Fellow since Mai 2018

By working with the Mexican Government, Daniela is creating a new legislative framework that guarantees basic working and social standards to inmates in prison and incentivizes companies to formally employ convicts. Moreover, Daniela combines dignified, well-paid labor opportunities and a personal... Weiterlesen

Theodoros Anagnostopoulos

Ashoka Fellow since Dez 2017

In an era of vast flows of unfiltered information, when the general public often cannot distinguish between science, pseudoscience and anti-science, Theo creatively engages schools, scientists, journalists, and the general public to create a culture of science literacy. Weiterlesen

Abdelaziz Allabadi

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2017

Abdelaziz is popularizing medical information in the Arab region. He is doing so by facilitating access to medical information by creating and publishing updated, authenticated, Arabic medical content online. He is also facilitating the connection between medical doctors and patients, by enabling... Weiterlesen

Florence Rizzo

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2017

To accelerate the transition towards an education system that allows every child to reach his full potential and be a changemaker, Florence’s insight is that teachers and those who professionally surround them (school directors, inspectors and advisors, teacher trainers) embody changemaking skills.... Weiterlesen

Gael Musquet

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2017

Gaël is encouraging communities to create "digital citizen security corps" to better anticipate and respond to crisis, with an initial focus on natural disasters. Beginning in Guadeloupe, where he successfully demonstrated what the effect of a digitally prepared citizen security corps would be, Gaël... Weiterlesen

Marine Quenin

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2017

In a society where discussing about religion in the formal and unformal education systems is taboo, Marine is opening new public conversations with teachers in schools and other professionals engaged in education. She empowers them to approach this topic peacefully and demonstrates why knowing and... Weiterlesen

Inna Hudaya

Ashoka Fellow since Mai 2017

Inna serves the hidden population of Indonesian women who are pregnant but can not easily obtain information or see a doctor because of social and legal barriers. Weiterlesen

José Shabot Cherem

Ashoka Fellow since Mai 2017

José is empowering Mexico’s construction workers to achieve higher levels of education and certification through highly accessible programs that strengthens them as learners, professionals, and people so that they can take control of their lives and break the cycle of illiteracy within their... Weiterlesen

David Wiley

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2017

United States
David is championing the concept of ‘open educational resources’ to reinvent how educational content is created, licensed, used, and improved—ultimately enabling college and university students to access to access radically improved class materials at dramatically reduced prices. Weiterlesen