Woods Learning Center

Changemaker School

Woods Learning Center is a kindergarten through eighth grade academic program, dedicated to developing the lifelong learners and responsible citizens that the future demands. We were designed to be a small school community where everyone knows and works with each other, to help create a personalized and meaningful experience for our students and their parents. Our mission is to foster a growth mindset, so that our students are motivated and empowered to use school to pursue their own goals and dreams. Our school has no principal, so that the responsibility of running the school is shared by its teachers and several other staff, keeping our vision remarkably intact over the past twenty-five years of changing forces in education. As a school of choice, our parents have always accepted to be involved and volunteer in our school, promoting our work as a partnership between teachers, parents, and students. We are a school that strives to be apositive and involved force in the world around us and continue to develop our partnerships with community members around us.



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