Ashoka Scandinavia Changemaker Schools

In Scandinavia, Ashoka is creating a network of schools (up to university level) from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that are cultivating Changemaker Skills among students. No two Changemaker Schools look the same in how these skills are cultivated, but they will be united under a broad set of common characteristics in relation to their vision, learning environment, innovation and leadership.

Each year, a small number of Changemaker Schools will be selected across Scandinavia by applying Ashoka's 35 year old methodology of searching and selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Leading Changemaker Schools in Scandinavia will therefore be connected to a global network of education institutions that see changemaker skills as the future, are leading the way, and are open to co-creating an Everyone A Changemaker world with each other and Ashoka.



School Type: Public, Primary School and Middle School Age group: 6-15 Number of students: 430 Year Elected: 2014 Röselidskolan is a public Swedish primary school that is successfully working to bring entrepreneurship and real-life problem solving into the school curriculum. They are simultaneously...
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Fryshusets Grundskola

School Type: Private (no tuition fee), Middle and High School Age group: 13-15 Number of students: 220 Year Elected: 2015 Fryshuset primary school is a unique school that combines the students “passions” (basketball, dance, music, skate, soccer, etc.) with academic education. Through practicing...
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School Type: Public, High School Age group: 15-18 Number of students: 420 Year Elected: 2015 YBC’s vision is “our students will change the world” and is aiming to be a creative meeting place for a lifelong learning in an ever changing world. The school practices entrepreneurial learning – one of few...
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True North Efterskole

Location: Snaptun, Denmark School Type: Private, Multi-level “Efterskole” (9-10th grade) Age group: 14-16 Number of students: 140 Year Elected: 2016 True North Efterskole (9-10th grade) is a Danish “Efterskole” in Snaptun that works with strength-based learning to promote personal leadership and...
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Ørestad Gymnasium

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark School Type: Public, Upper Secondary School Age group: 16-19 Number of students: 1088 Year Elected: 2016 Ørestad Gymnasium’s vision “Tomorrow Today” aims to develop education that prepares young people to become changemakers in the local and global community. The school...
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