Country: Benin
Organization: Solidarité Rurale

Salim Dara is revolutionizing agricultural education in Benin through a hands-on agricultural entrepreneurship program and his holistic farming model—shifting agricultural education from theoretical teaching to practical skills development that instills in students an appreciation for the natural environment. 

Country: Brazil
Organization: Projeto Base Zero

In northeastern Brazil, José Artur Padilha is developing new methods of soil and water management, energy use and agricultural production that protect fragile semi-arid environments and yield significantly increased economic returns. He is testing his techniques on a farm in Pernambuco and applying them in demonstration projects in other parts of the region.

Country: France
Organization: Terre de Liens

In response to increasing agricultural industrialization throughout France, Jérôme Deconinck has created the first agricultural land trust to mobilize the French population to preserve their agricultural heritage, and to promote the development of a more unified small-scale organic farming culture. He is demonstrating that another form of rural development—one that preserves landscapes,...

Country: Indonesia
Organization: Yayasan Gita Pertiwi

Rossana Dewi helps rural women become capable decision-makers and leaders in agricultural production. She does this by teaching women farmers valuable skills that enable them to become researchers and teachers capable of finding solutions to serious agricultural problems through action-oriented research.

Country: Brazil

José Dias is empowering small farmers in Northeastern Brazil to collectively manage and appropriate resources for drought-resistant technologies. His model aims to break the dependence of small-scale farmers on government support by providing them with sufficient autonomy to invest in new infrastructure and appropriate technology as they see fit.

Country: Thailand
Organization: The Land Reform Network

Prayong Doklamyai has assembled the first nationwide coalition of farmers with land tenure insecurity. Formerly divided by ethnic or economic factors, these farmers are together proving to policymakers that land redistribution is not only necessary, but also viable, in the form of communal land ownership or “community land title.”

Country: Mexico
Organization: Asesores para el Avance Social S.C.

Juan Gerardo is helping small citizen's social organizations in the areas of fishery, forestry and agriculture become more efficient and self-reliant. Doing so is particularly urgent now that the Mexican government is removing both subsidies and most barriers to domestic and international competition.

Country: Uruguay

Aler Donadío fosters rural development by improving farming and fishing practices, offering an alternative to urban migration for marginalized local populations whose traditional livelihoods have been threatened by environmental damage and industrial farming projects.

Country: United States
Organization: Humane Farm Animal Care

Douglass is creating a market-driven solution to improve the lives of farm animals, while at the same time helping compassionate farmers gain a competitive edge against agribusiness and assuring consumers that their meats and dairy products are certified humane.

Country: South Africa

Christine is providing migrant and residential farm workers in rural areas in South Africa with a set of on-site integrated health solutions, especially related to HIV/AIDS, by employing a peer-to-peer caregiving structure that reinforces behavior change towards a positive lifestyle. This is done in parallel to the building of a working environment that is conducive to the acceptance of their...

Country: Ireland
Organization: Burren Farming for Conservation Programme

Brendan Dunford is creating a new approach to sustaining some of our most iconic and best loved landscapes by placing farmers at the creative center of developing and delivering key conservation actions.

Country: Colombia

Octavio Duque is developing new strategies for mobilizing rural communities to address the twin concerns of sustainable production and environmental conservation.

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