Dr. Andres Rubiano is fostering a new consciousness and system for integral trauma care in Colombia.  By converting the roles of hospitals, emergency medical agencies and public sector institutions into coordinated and proactive responders to the dramatic problem of traumatic injury.

United States

Connie Siskowski is at the forefront of efforts to identify, help, and bring national recognition to the children and adolescents in the United States who have dual roles as students and caregivers for ill, frail or disabled family members.


Dr. Nirmala Srinivasan is improving the quality of life of mentally ill persons by raising awareness and introducing coping skills to families. She is accomplishing this by creating a family-support group from self-help and empowerment of families and affected members, by educating physicians and other professionals who work with the mentally ill, and by changing public awareness through a...

Fundación Papelnonos

Jorge Strada uses music to fill the lives of elderly people in Argentina with a newfound sense of purpose while challenging people of all ages to view aging from a new perspective.


Elzbieta Szwalkiewicz has created a client-centered, long-term care model that involves family, medical personnel and governmental institutions. With a strong portfolio of positive examples, she is influencing public policies and introducing professional and structural legal standards for national care services.


Tsur Taub has developed a new and highly effective mechanism, the centerpiece of which is a web-based platform that encourages and enables people to give household equipment and other possessions that they no longer want to others who need such items. In doing so, he is also reducing barriers and promoting mutually beneficial contacts among sharply divided social and ethnic groups in Israel....

Instituto Ludicidade

Adriana Costa uses a "Games Bus" to bring cognitive and social development activities to severely deprived children in poor and crowded urban communities, as well to stimulate continuing parental and community action. Launched in low-income communities in São Paulo, the program is now spreading to neighboring cities.


Shila Thapa is educating, empowering, and preparing parents of children with Down syndrome to care for and raise independent children that realize their full potential. Mothers, freed from guilt, become the capable caregivers and advocates for their own and others’ differently-abled children.

United States

Twenty years from now, the institutions that care for our society's frail and elderly will not exist in their current form. Dr. Bill Thomas is transforming long-term medical care from the current institution-oriented model into a more person-centered system. He has provided over 9,000 nursing home staff members with tools and strategies that help them create new habitats within existing...


Claudia Vidigal is transforming the way childcare workers and the justice system interact with children and adolescents housed in child shelter homes. Claudia is introducing a simple methodology whereby: Children learn to create, share and value their personal life stories; childcare workers find new, simple ways to engage with them at an individual level; and judges can consider the children’...


When society leaves new mothers alone and overburdened, Rose Volz-Schmidt helps them cope with the chaotic challenges of motherhood in the first months. She has created a broad network of volunteers and professionals to bridge the gap between families and the welfare system, and in doing so is strengthening young families and changing society's attitude towards motherhood.


Saly proposes a change in the food culture and a new nutritional African gastronomy to prevent and treat the chronic diseases that are becoming endemic in urban areas.

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