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Using a wiki-based platform, Amitay Korn is enhancing citizens’ access to information about their rights and the availability of related government-funded entitlements and citizen sector initiatives and services. 


Kavitha Krishnamoorthy is creating India’s first “barrier-free” public play spaces that are inclusive to children with physical and developmental disabilities. Building on the strength of an empowered network of local communities taking ownership of these public play spaces, Kavitha is now advocating for a national policy to shift the paradigm of creating inclusive play spaces within existing...


A trained pediatrician by profession, Vibha Krishnamurthy is creating an integrated medical and therapeutic support system for children with developmental disabilities in India. Empowering and supporting families, Vibha’s organization, Ummeed (Hope), is changing the way families understand and care for their developmentally-disabled children.  

Snehi Jagaran Mahila

To end women’s isolation during labor, delivery, and the early post-partum period that leads to high maternal and infant mortality rates in Nepal, Krishna Kumari Pun has built a health care system based on women’s commitment to each other. Krishna’s holistic health care system and social change structures will not only raise the status of women in Nepal but will translate into increased...

AMABB - Posto de Saúde

Joao Claudio has long sought the most effective way to serve the poor: first as a Jesuit, then as a social activist, and now as a doctor developing novel ways of providing first-class health care to Brazil's slum dwellers.

United States

Amy Lemley is addressing the growing problem of homelessness among teenagers who are too old for foster care but have neither a place to live nor the means to support themselves. Her work is helping former foster youth secure affordable apartments by providing them with microloans for housing start-up costs to get their "first place." Meanwhile, Amy is leading the effort to transform the...

Educational Lab AKSJOMAT / Pracownia Edukacyjna AKSJOMAT

Krzysztof Liszcz is training the mothers of children with cerebral palsy to provide improved care for their children in a home-based program that is spreading throughout Poland. His program reduces state expenditures while certifying the mothers so that they can earn money with their new skills.

United States

Silke Mader and her team work towards improving newborn health and in particular towards providing high-quality treatment and care to preterm infants, ill newborns and their families, resulting in lower short- and long-term health complications and a considerable reduction in healthcare costs. She leads a novel interdisciplinary European project including health professionals, parents, and...


Father Czeslaw Kuba Marchewicz is growing a network of community supports for people with severe disabilities in Poland. He organizes and facilitates groups and communities that take responsibility for creating a sustainable and effective support structure for the individuals in their care.


Ana has designed an educational curriculum for daycare centers which can transform custodial care into valuable educational and social situations for preschool children. Ana plans to spend the next two years applying this curriculum in 10 daycare centers in the city of Sao Paulo, and writing "how-to" pamphlets.


Michaela Nachtrab envisions a society in which accessibility for hearing disabled and deaf citizens is the norm rather than the exception. This means seamless communication in educational and professional environments as well as access to information, events, and all kinds of media. Michaela introduced VerbaVoice as a platform to jumpstart a self-organized community of deaf and hard of hearing...

United States
Medic Mobile

Josh Nesbit is creating connected and coordinated rural healthcare systems, transforming the efficacy of decentralized rural public health by reinventing the role of the locally-based community health worker thanks to smart and simple mobile phone-based solutions.

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