Country: Egypt
Organization: Care with love

Magda Iskander is creating the profession of home healthcare in Egypt and training a cadre of providers to offer high-quality, affordable services to the elderly and others who are homebound.

Country: United States
Organization: SPOON Foundation

Cindy Kaplan is improving the nutritional outcomes of children without permanent families. Recognizing that the nutritional needs of children who have suffered from trauma and institutionalized care are drastically different, Cindy is equipping governments and citizen organizations (COs) around the world to protect the orphaned, fostered, and adopted children in their care from the...

Country: Poland

Ida Karpinska is redesigning the medical system in Poland to expand the care currently provided to women affected by gynecological cancers. In doing so, Ida is changing the paradigm of women’s health and sexual education in Poland. Ida’s goal is to create a preventive infrastructure that engages medical personnel, legal support, media channels, decision-makers and female patients. 

Country: Japan
Organization: Social Welfare Corporation SHINKOUFUKUSHIKAI

Masue Katayama has developed a contextually sensitive approach to changing attitudes and values about nursing care. Masue has created the broadly utilized Shinkou-Kai model for private nursing homes which provides comfortable yet affordable housing options for Japanese elderly, while employing non-Japanese caregivers traditionally shunted by society.

Country: South Africa
Organization: Tateni Home Care Nursing Services

Veronica Khosa has designed a prototype home-based nursing service that has influenced health care policies nationally and internationally. Her work has changed the lives of many chronically and terminally ill patients in South Africa's Gauteng province.

Country: Norway
Organization: Aktivitetdosetten

Lone Koldby is humanizing long-term care for the elderly in Norway by placing activity and social interaction at the center of the care regimens in nursing homes and empowering their occupants to play active roles in designing those regimens and reclaiming their rights as senior citizens.

Country: Israel
Organization: Kol Zchut - All rights

Using a wiki-based platform, Amitay Korn is enhancing citizens’ access to information about their rights and the availability of related government-funded entitlements and citizen sector initiatives and services. 

Country: India
Organization: Kilikili

Kavitha Krishnamoorthy is creating India’s first “barrier-free” public play spaces that are inclusive to children with physical and developmental disabilities. Building on the strength of an empowered network of local communities taking ownership of these public play spaces, Kavitha is now advocating for a national policy to shift the paradigm of creating inclusive play spaces within existing...

Country: India
Organization: Ummeed

A trained pediatrician by profession, Vibha Krishnamurthy is creating an integrated medical and therapeutic support system for children with developmental disabilities in India. Empowering and supporting families, Vibha’s organization, Ummeed (Hope), is changing the way families understand and care for their developmentally-disabled children.  

Country: Nepal
Organization: Snehi Jagaran Mahila

To end women’s isolation during labor, delivery, and the early post-partum period that leads to high maternal and infant mortality rates in Nepal, Krishna Kumari Pun has built a health care system based on women’s commitment to each other. Krishna’s holistic health care system and social change structures will not only raise the status of women in Nepal but will translate into increased...

Country: Brazil
Organization: AMABB - Posto de Saúde

Joao Claudio has long sought the most effective way to serve the poor: first as a Jesuit, then as a social activist, and now as a doctor developing novel ways of providing first-class health care to Brazil's slum dwellers.

Country: United States

Amy Lemley is addressing the growing problem of homelessness among teenagers who are too old for foster care but have neither a place to live nor the means to support themselves. Her work is helping former foster youth secure affordable apartments by providing them with microloans for housing start-up costs to get their "first place." Meanwhile, Amy is leading the effort to transform the...

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