Rationing Kruti Samiti

Leena Joshi is creating a broad-based movement, led primarily by marginalized women, to reform the Indian government's centralized food subsidy system. She is seeking policy changes that will reduce corruption, make the system accountable to its beneficiaries, and result in more equitable and transparent food distribution.


Arvind Kejriwal uses a new state law to fight corruption in India, training ordinary citizens to secure transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

Pałuki TV

Drawing on his considerable experience as a publisher of local newspapers, Dominik is creating a new operating model to ensure that all Polish citizens have access to independent local press. His bottom-up approach has created a movement among first generation local publishers, strengthened their watchdog capabilities, and uncovered new sources of financial sustainability. Dominik’s...


Roma Malik has worked closely with forest tribes, local authorities, and the judicial system to design a forest governance model for her native India. She is ensuring that the marginalised forest tribes often neglected by the State are included in the policy-making process, and that they benefit from pending legislation. Her work is significant at a time of rapid privatisation of forest land...

Proyecto Soberania Popular

Joakín Mayorga shows Colombia's small towns how to develop local "sovereignty" as a way of dispelling corruption and violence and laying foundations for development.

Universidad Coherente

A recent university graduate, Jorge Mori is positioning public university students to become the competent and socially relevant professionals Peru needs for its development.  

Community Station

To sustain citizen participation and entrench good governance, Som Nath Aryal is building a system of independent community radio stations. People—organized around common interests and community needs—communicate, advocate, celebrate, and provide a vital flow of information to develop their towns and villages together. This process accumulates social capital, holds government officials’...

South Africa
The Centre for Conflict Resolution

Laurie Nathan, through specialized information gathering and dissemination to as many key decision makers as possible, is building a center that will seek to shape the role the police and military will play in South Africa's future.


Angkhana Neelapaichit aims to end torture, arbitrary detention, forced disappearance and impunity in Thailand, where an effective law addressing these issues does not yet exist. In 2006 she founded Working Group on Justice for Peace (WGJP) to both respond to individual incidents of forced disappearance and state brutality, and to push for systematic reforms and government accountability. WGJP...

Software Centre

Tarik Nesh-nash uses a series of online and offline tools to bridge the gap between citizens and government in a region currently exploring new possibilities of self-determination. He enables average citizens to actively participate in shaping and reforming the policies that govern their everyday lives, moving beyond simply voicing their long-held frustrations to actually taking part in the...


A priest with a vision for liberation theology and engaged citizenship, John Patrick Ngoyi is improving citizen participation in democratic governance by raising political awareness and encouraging participation in budgeting and monitoring.


Emeka Nsofor is increasing civic participation, promoting good governance and developing functioning constituencies by empowering rural communities with information on the Nigerian electoral process and the responsibilities of elected representatives.

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