Vicki Bernadet is bringing the issue of sexual abuse of children to the attention of Spanish society through public awareness and education. Her counseling center helps victims to break their silence and seek the support needed to recover.

South Africa

William Bird is transforming the way children and children’s issues are portrayed in the media through media monitoring efforts involving both journalists and children. He trains journalists on ‘child friendly’ journalism and enables children to become ‘media watchdogs’ to monitor press coverage of children, paying particular attention to children’s rights of privacy and dignity. William is...


Endre Biro is increasing access to the Hungarian legal system by providing resources and services that enable individual citizens and civil society organizations to use the law as a tool for building democratic institutions.

United States
Partnership for Cures

Dr. Bruce Bloom has pioneered a way to improve patients’ lives quickly and safely by repurposing existing drugs, treatments and medical devices. Rather than waiting for elusive scientific breakthroughs, Bruce brings researchers, clinicians and philanthropic partners together to speed promising research into patient care to improve quality and length of life for patients with debilitating, but...


Driven by the increasing estrangement of people in urban surroundings with nature and its potential for human well-being, nutrition and education as well as the ecological consequences of maltreatment towards the environment, Heike Boomgaarden introduces a new way of “eco-human” development for urban settings bringing people back in touch with the environment and (edible) nature where they...


Clovis Borges is a veterinarian and zoologist from Paraná who is demonstrating how Brazil can address its extensive environmental problems with new awareness and technical proficiency.

EQ ("Ethical Quotient") Club

Ladislav Briestenský is teaching local governments throughout Slovakia to make their practices more transparent and more democratic. He aims to involve local constituencies in their own self-government, and in doing so, strengthen democracy's appeal from the bottom up. Ladislav understands that the relationship between local government and civil society is one of the most important links in...

Workman Arts

Lisa Brown is integrating individuals with mental health issues into society by using art as a means to build a deeper and more empathic understanding of mental health challenges in Canada.


Donny B.U. is building the foundation for the responsible use of online media in Indonesia through Internet Sehat, forging a nation of fully information citizens and subtly preempting the possibility of new government limits to the freedom of expression.

Radio Encuentro

For more than twenty years, Néstor has been democratizing communication as a crucial way to promote citizenship for all in Argentina and Latin America. Through a strong network of radio-broadcasters, he has developed an alternative to the media dominated by powerful groups by creating a communication model that allows for collaborative knowledge production, greater information dissemination...


María Augusta Calle is transforming public understanding of political, economic, and social issues by providing a diverse and credible news source for a wide variety of audiences.

El Poder del Consumidor

Mobilizing consumers to utilize their purchasing power to influence business practices, Alejandro Calvillo Unna is introducing to Mexico the notion that responsible consumerism can help effect responsible business and governance.

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