United States

Paul Bradley is creating a scalable approach that enables the owners of manufactured homes to achieve full economic citizenship by cooperatively buying and managing the land on which their homes sit.

Oficina Municipal

José Mario is improving local governance by promoting communication between community leaders working across government, private, and civil society sectors.  By creating dialogue where there was none before, José Mario is building a system of governance that functions more efficiently and more accurately represents and serves the public. Through tailored workshops that train...

Casa Santa Ana

Committed to working with senior citizens, Maria de Lourdes Bráz has found a simple way to transform the standard assistance-based model, to which all government agencies and members of society conform, into an effective integration model.

EQ ("Ethical Quotient") Club

Ladislav Briestenský is teaching local governments throughout Slovakia to make their practices more transparent and more democratic. He aims to involve local constituencies in their own self-government, and in doing so, strengthen democracy's appeal from the bottom up. Ladislav understands that the relationship between local government and civil society is one of the most important links in...

Foundation for Rural Child Development

Disruption of family life, poverty, social and spiritual ills - all byproducts of Thailand's "urban migration". Villages, decimated by shrinking populations, are paying the price for the country's rapid development. Utis Buddhasud is helping to keep villages and families in the impoverished Northeast together by creating model programs which offer families a healthier future. The programs...


Donny B.U. is building the foundation for the responsible use of online media in Indonesia through Internet Sehat, forging a nation of fully information citizens and subtly preempting the possibility of new government limits to the freedom of expression.


Elaine Burns is working with communities in the Sierra Nevada region outside Mexico City to create long-term sustainable development plans, using new computer tools and organizational strategies to ensure people's participation.


Raghda Butros is working in Jordan to engage citizens of all economic classes in local development policies and programs, aimed at fostering a spirit of mutual social responsibility. Through funding from private donors, she is organizing community-driven projects to revitalize the Levant region and decrease Jordan’s dependency on foreign development aid.

United States

Will Byrne has developed a model, which he calls civic consumption, that allows individuals and institutions to leverage their collective purchasing power to shift markets from the bottom up, creating a new, market-based path to create social and environmental benefits in their own communities.


An indigenous woman from Colombia's Amazon, Emperatriz Cahuache is strengthening indigenous communities by identifying and training promising young leaders and engaging them in local development.

Consejo de las Américas

Rodrigo Calcagni is strengthening Chile's microenterprise sector and expanding the much-needed economic opportunities that it provides, through a network of community development centers and an overarching organization that facilitates learning, information flows and cooperative ventures throughout the network. He is also engaged in a series of activities to give added visibility to the...

Cooperativa Olga Cossettini

Marcelo Caldano has designed an alternative economic plan for poverty-stricken areas where economic participation is not always an option. The community-based participation program helps citizens effectively use local resources to meet a growing need for public services and institutions.

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