We are seeing that mental health issues, lie at the heart of several problems we witness around us today - from suicides to violence. Its growing prevalence, especially in a fast changing world makes the issue urgent. Unfortunately traditional approaches are failing us. Our history is teaching us that doing more of the same or superficial new tactics will not help us address this complex issue. We need to fundamentally reimagine how we understand the problem and solve it.

At Ashoka, we believe social entrepreneurs - men and women leading system changing new ideas across the world, hold the key to this answer. So, Ashoka partnered with Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies to map and study the work of 90 such social entrepreneurs across 11 countries to identify key shifts needed to unlock systemic change. Intelligence and insights from on-ground innovators help us leverage existing knowledge and see opportunities for action. What has been most exciting to learn from this process is that we need to THINK differently before we can ACT differently. Social entrepreneurs challenge our deepest mindsets and understanding of mental illness and persons living with mental illness. This new mindset allows us reimagine and shape new goals for the system, how care is structured and how decisions are made. More importantly, the new mindset allows each of us to role in the solution.

We are hoping these insights and opportunity help trigger a new narrative in India and invite more of us to catalyse change in this direction. Please share your comments or feedback with Supriya Sankaran at ssankaran@ashoka.org

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