Social entrepreneurs go sky-high with your help!

All Nippon Airways has partnered with Ashoka to donate 1% of ticket prices to a changemaking projects.

Showcasing The Power Of Inventor-Entrepreneurs

Invention and social entrepreneurship are often thought of as two undertakings, separate and distinct. But the Lemelson Foundation, together with Ashoka, recognizes that invention and social entrepreneurship – when leveraged together – can be a powerful force to improve lives.

"The New Scholar" at the Intersection of Innovation & Education at AshokaU Exchange 2014

"Today’s environment is full of challenges, innovation is more critical than ever, and education and universities should be ground zero." Catch up with the AshokaU Exchange 2014.

Diana Wells, Ashoka President - Let's Give Ourselves Permission To Make Change

50% of the world believe that change is not possible. Part of what makes my job so much fun, is that I can't believe that. Because everyday I'm encountering people who don't believe that. They are also enacting and proving that again and again.

How Business Can Lift People Out Of Poverty: 4 Insights From The World's Best Social Entrepreneurs

How do you profitably sell to a customer who earns less than $2 per day? Some of the world best social innovators share 4 insights about how business can help lift people out of poverty
Submitted by Tsega Belachew on Wed, April 2, 2014
Editor's Note: This article first appeared in Ashoka's "Change in the Making" Forbes blog and is a part of a series of Inventior-Entrepreneur stories brought to you in partnership with the Lemelson Foundation. Read and watch the rest of the stories.One development problem in India...
Editor's Note: This post was written by Mark Cheng, Director of Ashoka UK and Ashoka’s senior advisor on social finance and first appeared on Ashoka's blog "Change in the Making". How do you profitably sell to a customer who earns less than $2 per day? It is probably the most...
Editor's Note: Gonzalo Muñoz, Ashoka fellow, son of Ximena Abogabir also an Ashoka fellow shared the following as a speech to an audience of media, business, public and citizen leaders.  “The privileges you enjoy also carry a great responsibility toward those less fortunate.”  As a child...

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